About Us

Literarily strives to make word play and reading resources that engage and excite learners of all ages.  By creating apps and games as well as more traditional literacy materials, we work to encourage critical thinking, build foundational literary skills, and make the practice of reading and spelling not just a task for the classroom, but also a part of screen time at home.  We work to reach readers across the spectrum, whether struggling or in need of a challenge, by providing resources in multiple mediums.  Our puzzles, lessons, and games provide teachers and parents with ready resources so that no one has to reinvent the wheel. We hope to inspire students to play, and think, more literarily.

Who We Are


Meredith has been a teacher for 10 years and is now a literacy specialist and reading interventionist at a Chicago charter school.  She studied journalism and history at Northwestern before joining Teach For America after graduating.  You can find out more about her literacy work and musings at MsMerryMac.com.


Ross studied film at Northwestern before picking up programming when he moved back to Chicago in 2010.  He’s been making educational apps since while still creating and producing all sorts of video and media content.  You can follow his musings and other projects at RossMcNamara.com.