08 Jul

Three New Word Puzzle Books

While our focus at Literarily has been making educational apps to enrich literacy intervention work in schools, we also make good old fashioned literacy resources as well.  Up until now those resources have consisted mainly of worksheets and lesson plans that we put up on TeachersPayTeachers.  But a few months back we decided to dive into the world of book publishing as well.

Our puzzle apps were initially designed to be an enrichment tool for higher level readers.  Logic Grid Puzzles are a great way to boost reading comprehension.  Like a sudoku but with words, these puzzles require students to infer information from the listed clues and draw conclusions that aren’t directly stated.  So, not only are they a fun and rewarding activity, but they’re a great tool for keeping kids engaged in literacy after they’ve finished their more traditional in class work.

But since not every school has access to iPads we figured we should transfer the puzzles into book form.  It was a bit of a slow process – authoring and layout programs to learn, puzzles to resize, ISBNs to acquire.  Self-publishing is not the super simple solution we thought it would be.  But in the end our book made it’s way up onto Amazon!  You can check it out here.

Our next two books are in their final stages before going live on Amazon.  Both are cryptogram books adapted from another app we developed.  Cryptograms are a high level education resource focused on teaching spelling patterns and deductive reasoning.  We’ve used them in classrooms where high-achieving students finish their work early but need to be kept on task yet feel rewarded at the same time.  Providing them with a fun, challenging puzzle has worked for us.

As soon as these two books go live we will post a link here as well!

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