21 Sep

Elkonin Boxes Released, New App Underway

Our latest literacy app, Elkonin Boxes, was officially released into the app store last week!  Check it out here if you’re interested.  We’ve already submitted an update as there was an issue with landscape mode with iPads (there’s always something!) but overall it was a pretty solid launch.  Once the new update gets approved we’ll start submitting it around to education sites and blogs and making a push to get it into more teacher’s hands.

We really think it’s a great tool for beginning readers to learn word segmentation.  The only competitor app out there is geared for students who can already read letters, and it costs $25 bucks.  So getting our app for $1 and having it actually focus on true early literacy skills and phonemic awareness seems like a pretty awesome deal to us.

As we continue to improve Elkonin Boxes and write new puzzle packs for our Logic Grid Puzzle and Cryptograms apps – we’ve already begun work on our next early literacy app.  This app will focus on early readers who are able to correctly read words – but aren’t understanding what they’re reading.  It’ll be a fun presentation of identifying errors in sentences — forcing early readers to pay attention to every word on the page and not just assume they know what it says.

We’ll have a more in-depth blog post with screen shots and development insights in week or so – at this point it’s just a lot of scribbles on napkins!

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