Logic Grid Puzzles

Logic Grid Puzzles is an app aimed at a slightly higher reading level then most of the resources we develop, but it’s a good tool to promote literacy and reading comprehension none the less!  We used to do these puzzles in school growing up, and we loved them.  Basically, logic grid puzzles are like Sudoku – but with words!  App users draw inferences from the clues to help them fill in the puzzle grid.  Because of this, students using the app will have to not only understand the individual words in a clue – but will also have to learn to understand the meaning behind the clue.

The app has already been downloaded well over 200,000 times and has gotten great reviews.  We’re constantly adding more puzzles to it, and it now has 200 puzzles for our users to solve.  We hope to turn these puzzles into a book soon – stay tuned!

Check it out in the App Store here