Jumble Jamble

Jumble Jamble is a literacy app/game we’ve developed to help promote spelling and word building.  It’s a new twist on the popular word jumbles you probably see in your daily newspaper.  It’s aimed at students (well, anyone really) who is reading and writing at a middle school level or higher.

The app has 3 game modes: 3 Up, 7 Down, and Blitz.  In 3 Up, students start with three jumbled letters.  After they make a word a new letter is added into the mix.  This continues until they’ve made a seven letter word.  There’s no time limit – users can take as long as they want to puzzle it out.  7 Down is the reverse, starting with seven letters and working your way down to a three letter word.  Blitz mode is a little different, letters get revealed at certain intervals and you make as many words of any length as you can before time runs out.

We think it’s a great way to get kids, and adults, excited about spelling and literacy without realizing they’re doing something educational!

You can check it out on the app store here: Jumble Jamble – Word Games for Brain Training